Your customers never need to call a contact center again.


Agents vs. Chatbots?

No, it’s not either or, but both. The platform enables automated chatbots, agent activated chatbots and agent custom responses, all within a chat conversation.

Easy customer chat interaction manages the Facebook Messenger and mobile instant messaging customer service interaction between a customer and the brand, quickly and effectively. With full history and data storage of chats.

Easy agent interface

The interface/desktop enables the agents to quickly and effectively resolve queries for service, sales and back office functions. The agent interface is customizable and integrates into knowledge portals and CRM systems.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled chats

The AI platform will analyse all chats and then recommend “best action” resolution to agents in real-time.


Multi-media query resolution

Unlike web-based chat platforms, supports multi-media sharing between the customer and the agent. The agent can send files, links, photos, movie clips and .pdf files seamlessly in a “drag & drop” framework.

Real time results’s agent interface is integrated into the platforms you use. Which allows you to monitor agent progress and effectiveness in real time, with a simple UI for the customer to rate their service. provides a “Uber” type rating after every query has been resolved, rating the agent and performance in real-time.

Service, sell and retain

The interface allows agents to resolve customer queries effective, then assist with up-sell opportunities by providing best fit products to customers, and finally to enable agents to effectively retain or save customers that has a high propensity to leave.

Messaging will dominate

We believe that messaging will dominate the support industry of the
future. For us everything is an instant message.

“Customer service via OTT messaging apps is the next step in
social media for CSPs”

– Analysys Mason, the Boston Based media research group


Unique Features (For explanation)
  • API-enabled-machine-learning-chatbots-with-artificial-intelligence-for-customer-chat-support


    API’s are available to allow you to integrate into almost any interface, whether it be a CRM platform, or a knowledge portal.

  • chatbots-information-portal-artificial-intelligence-api-enabled-machine-learning


    The AI platform will analyze all chats and then recommend “best action” resolution to agents in real-time. AI will also enable the chatbots and proactive customer service.

  • Artificial-Intelligence-eaily-managed-chatbots-machine-learning-enabled

    Artificial Intelligence

    All of’s outputs go through an artificial intelligence prediction system. The AI system then makes it possible to predict service requests in the future and provide pro-active communication, notifications and assistance to customers.

  • customer-management-artificial-intelligence-machine-learning-chatbots-rapid-response-reulsts-business-insight-increased-profits-Info-Point-White-Polygon

    Management Information is fully integrated into real-time analytics dashboards.This means, that while uour customers are being assisted, you are able to monitor and track exactly what is happening within your company.

  • Knowledge-Library-Info-Point-customer-chat-support-artificial-intelligence-customer-service-agent-dashboard-support-simple

    Knowledge Library

    Agents can assist and resolve customer queries from a desktop by using chat and multimedia information from a knowledge portal or CRM.

  • Knowledge-Library-Info-Point-customer-chat-support-artificial-intelligence-customer-service-agent-dashboard-support-smart-chatbots

    Advanced Interaction Analytics is capable of advanced analytics. This means that you can turn all of your collected data into a store of potential insights, creating a better customer experience while assisting your everyday decisions.

  • real-time-monitoring-analytics-customer-service-agent-assistance-drag-drop-response-immediate-review-information-artificial-intelligence

    Real time monitoring

    The interaction between customer and agent is configured for real time monitoring. Time stamping each interaction, and allowing instant feedback to be given by the customer.

  • rapid-response-multimedia-drag-and-drop-Library-Info-Point-customer-chat-support-artificial-intelligence-customer-service-agent-dashboard-support-smart-chatbots


    Whether it be a voice file based support query, or a customer wanting to send a PDF instead of faxing it, is enabled for all forms of media to be utilized in the support process.

Engage the Guru now

Engage your customers on their own terms

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Our bot system coupled with our adaptive agent interface creates an incredibly powerful experience, making the transition between multiple agents or bots seamless with no wait time.

One agent, multiple channels

A true multi-channel experience. We deliver full customer access, from their choice of medium.

Consolidation can easily consolidate the requests coming from different channels like Facebook or a mobile instant messaging application.

Rapid resolution

The agent can access a CRM platform to get customer information, or select from a library of text responses, voice responses, graphics, pdf documents or videos to respond quickly and accurately.

How It Works
We install integrate our


By integrating it will enable you to reach out and connect with almost every possible channel there is today. optimizes operations and improves resolution times drastically.

Manage and Monitor

Manage and Monitor

Your agents are monitored from the first point of contact until the issue is resolved. A satisfied customer is one that has a good experience. is designed to enable and deliver next generation customer experience.


Our AI systems are self-improving. Long after an issue is resoved, the system continues to refine the customer experience potential. enables the infinite pursuit for customer experience improvement.

Having to contact a call centre is costly for companies and troublesome for customers.

Your customer never needs to call a contact centre again. manages mobile instant messaging customer service (IMCS) interaction quickly and effectively with full history and data storage of chats. can easily consolidate the requests coming from different channels like Facebook or a mobile IM application


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